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Multicultural - Upcoming Event Details

1. Sisters of the Holy Family Nationwide Day of Service – Saturday, March 18
Sisters of the Holy Family Nationwide Day of Service – Saturday, March 18
Sisters in the Spirit Women’s History Month Celebration – Saturday, March 25
Taizé Contemplative Adoration with music – Saturday, April 1 and Saturday, June 10
Filipino Ministry Lenten Retreat – Saturday, April 1
Safety and Security Awareness Training – Saturday, April 29 or Saturday, June 10
Asian and Pacific Island Catholics Marian Pilgrimage – Saturday, May 6
Multicultural Choral Concert – Saturday, May 20
Annual Multicultural Mass and Fair – Saturday, June 24
International Cultural Festival – Saturday, October 14
Filipino Ministry 2017 Schedule of Events and Activities

Corinne Monogue 5     Director, Office of Multicultural Ministries - Catholic Diocese of Arlington

Dear Diocesan Multicultural Council On Tuesday night I mentioned some scholarships that are available for diversities. Here are the details:
For Adults
    a.  For anyone interested in seeking a graduate degree, Diversity Scholarships are available at the Institute for Psychological Science, Divine Mercy University. For more information please visit; http://ipsciences.edu/scholarship-program  Scholarships are available up to $3,000.
For Asian and Pacific Islander descent; www.apiasf.org
    a.  http://www.apiasf.org/scholarship_apiasf.html
    b.  http://www.apiasf.org/aanapisischolarship.html
If you are interested or know of anyone who qualifies for any of these scholarships for college education for multicultural diversities, please send them to the web pages above.

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